How we roll

  • Time

    The party starts every week at...
    Central Daylight Time: 8:30pm Monday
    Coordinated Universal Time: 2:30am Tuesday
    Singapore Time: 10:30am Tuesday
  • Submit a Song

    Log into Vidcast on our main page and click on "Make Request," or post a YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud link with the #MondayNightDanceParty hashtag in any client, and it will be added to the queue for our DJ. Please only submit one song in a night, and refrain from egregious nudity, violence, intensity... If it's questionable, just warn folks in the chat. The DJ may screen it or talk to you first.
  • Listen in and Talk with us

    The music is live-streamed from Vidcast; each week, the front page forwards to our "room" to listen and chat. If you have trouble viewing or logging into MNDP.tv, you can try the non-embedded page, and be sure to report roblems. The whole of this is volunteer, and we only have a few hamburgers left for our spouses and children.
  • Organizers

    @jdscolam live streams the music. @33mhz maintains the site. @duerig and @q worked hard with @ryantharp to customize and develop the Vidcast client for us music lovers. @jeschoulmsan helped with illustrations.

    @po, @michelelewis, and @sham are backup singers. @thelma chips in with the #AfterHour wrap-up every week. We're always interested in new ideas, themes, and contributions. Let us know if you're interested in helping!