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How We Roll

Timing it Right

The party starts every Monday at 8:30 PM US/Central Time. That gets tricky internationally.

Mar-Oct: UTC/GMT -5
Nov-Feb: UTC/GMT -6

Tune in and Chat with us!

We request songs, listen to music together, and gush about the weekend and our favorite colors, all through the Vidcast app, which was made for the dance party, and requires a free account on

Each week, links to our "room". Follow the link, log in, and enjoy.

Be sure to report problems if you have trouble. The whole of this is volunteer, and we only have a few hamburgers left for our spouses and children.

Submit a Song

If you have a link to a YouTube, SoundCloud, or Vimeo clip and are logged in to Vidcast, click on "Make Request" and enter your link.

~ or ~

Make a public post from any client, including your link and the #MondayNightDanceParty hashtag, and it will be added to the queue for the DJ.

Follow the DJ's cues for how many songs to submit in a night, and refrain from egregious nudity, violence, intensity... If it's questionable, warn folks in the chat. The DJ may screen it or talk to you first.

Themes are irregular. Exceptionally, every 2nd Monday of the month we participate in #ThemeMonday.


DJ & Original Sin ~


Vidcast ~


Site & Stern Looks ~


Background Vocalists ~

@sham, @darkhawk

Graphics, Illustrations ~

@laurafisher, @jeschoulmsan

Thanks ~

@po, @thelma, @michelelewis, @kimberleekarr, @kosso

@duerig and @q worked hard with Ryan to initially develop the Vidcast client for the #MondayNightDanceParty.

We're always interested in new ideas, themes, and contributions. Give us a shout!

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